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Auto Repair Services 


Many repair shops will subscribe to the theory that one piece of diagnostic equipment can fill their needs. This can lead to frustration, misdiagnosis, guess work, and possibly even shipping the vehicle off to the dealer. At Tolman's Auto-Tech we prefer to take the guess work out of diagnosis and have purchased much of the same equipment used by various dealers. This allows us to keep diagnostics and repairs in-house.

Some of the equipment we own:


  • Ford-NGS and IDS (factory coverage 1996-Current)

  • GM-Tech 2 and MDI (factory coverage 1992-Current)

  • Chrysler-DRBIII and wiTech (factory coverage 1993-Current)

  • Honda - MasterTech and HDS (factory coverage 1996-Current)

  • Toyota - MasterTech and TechStream (factory coverage 1996-Current)

  • VW - Vagcom

  • Alldata

  • NAPA Identifix

  • IATN


In addition to those tools, we also have many of the aftermarket scanners used by other shops and several lab scopes to aid in pinpoint diagnostics.

Many shops claim that their technicians are ASE certified. Our technicians at Tolman's Auto-Tech are MASTER ASE certified but have also been involved in writing the tests for ASE. We not only strive to meet industry standards, but we continue to set them.

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