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Auto Repair Services 


Tolman's Auto-Tech is a Bridgestone/Firestone Tire Dealer. We stock a full line of the most popular sizes of tires and have delivery from 3 warehouses every day. We also have access to almost any major name brand tire, including Cooper, Hankook, Sigma, Nokina to name a few.

Many Michigan safety experts recommend you replace your tires when your tread is worn down to a depth of 4/32ths of an inch. That's the distance to George Washington's head when a quarter is inserted upside down into the tread of a properly inflated tire.

You may have heard of the same test using a penny. That gives you about 2/32ths of an inch of tread. The studies have shown a significant safety benefit in replacing tires with the quarter standard. Ask Tolman's Auto-Tech tech to have your tires checked to see how much life you have left in them. We offer tire replacement, tire rotation and tire repair while you wait in our clean and state of the art waiting area complete with TV, coffee, kids play area, free WiFi and lots of magazines.

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