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Auto Repair Services 


It's easy for car owners to take power steering for granted - you spin the steering wheel and your car turns. But behind the scenes power steering is making it easy.

The vast majority of vehicles on highways have hydraulic power steering systems, which means that pressurized fluid is used to help you do the work of steering. A pump pressurizes the power steering fluid to provide the boost you need. In some Allendale car owners' vehicles the pump is driven by the serpentine belt, in other there's an electric pump.

The problem for car owners is that over time, the fluid becomes contaminated and can actually cause leaks in the hoses and connections. It gets harder to steer and could even cause total failure of the power steering system.

Periodically, Tolman's Auto-Tech service advisor may recommend you to change transmission fluid which involves removing the old, dirty fluid and replacing with the fresh fluid. This helps the power steering components last longer and maintains your vehicle's steering performance and keeps you safely on the road. Your Tolman's Auto-Tech technician will also have your system checked for leaks and the belt inspected for other pending needs. Ask if it's time to perform a power steering service on your vehicle today.

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