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Auto Repair Services 


Sometimes, a courtesy car inspection and a review of your service history will uncover additional items that require attention. How should you react to that?

Here's some advice: it's not as if your honest & efficient Tolman's Auto-Tech service advisor is saying "Do you want fries with that?" or "Supersize for .59 cents more." He's not recommending something extra or something you don't need. Recommendations are either based on the manufacturer's maintenance schedule or on a problem uncovered during an automotive analysis.

An important part of the Tolman's Auto-Tech service advisor's role is to help you understand the auto makers recommendations: recommendations that cover every system on the vehicle and are set by the engineers that design the vehicle. If folks followed every one of those recommendations they would experience better fuel economy, enjoy better performance, be safer and avoid a lot of breakdowns and repairs.

Your Tolman's Auto-Tech service advisor is an educator who will help you with a plan for catching up on scheduled services and a partner in taking care of your family's vehicle priorities - they are there to help you manage your vehicle needs.

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